Foundation Training
30 days total for the first year

Module One
History and Principles of Biodynamics
Percieving Primary Resperation
The Midline as the organizing axis of the body and biosphere Percieving the tide at multiple levels
The Inherent Treatment Plan
Still points

Introduction to working with families and infants via live and video demonstrations

Module Two
Patterns of experience
Bones and membranes
Augmentations skills
State of balance
Tissue field dynamics

Deepening into skills working with families and infants- Relational field dynamics in family work

Module Three
Cranial base patterns and whole body dynamics
Cranial base anatomy structure and function
Reciprical tention membranes
Holding the whole

Learning how this material is held both from the pre and perinatal time as well as in the present moment

Module Four
Central nervous system motility
The midline anatomy CNS motility
Potenency in the fluids
The primal mid line
Venous sinus drainage

Working with the family unit as a nervous system of its own

Module Five
Deeper into the Inherent treatment plan
Long tide as the ground of emergence for healing
Rhythmic balanced interchange
Stillness and perception

Resolving repetitive movement patterns in adults, children and infants

Module Six
Facial Dynamics
Frontal, ethmoid, occipital, sphenoid
Cranial base relationships

We will explore how early needs met around breastfeeding effect these topics


Module Seven
Hard palate, inter palatine, Vomer
Completions of the first year


Advanced Courses
20 days total for the second year

We will be working with families in each of the following seminars as well as looking at the students holding patterns around early trauma

Course 1 Visceral Work
A very simple approach is to appreciate the abdominal organs opening like a flower around the umbilicus and the heart expanding to fill the thoracic cavity. We will explore all the organs with in their motility and mobility.

Course 2 Shock and Trauma
The first step is learning to recognize the signs of shock and trauma. We will explore tracking the clients nervous system and patterns held within the tissues and fluids. We will learn how to help the system move out of freeze and work with flight and fight. You will learn verbal skills needed to work in this territory.

Course 3 Spinal Nerve Facilitation
Fulcrums in the vertebra and the vertebral disks cause great pain and dysfunction. This course offers skills to free the spine at all levels, bone, nervous system, and connective tissue.

Course 4 Birth Dynamics in Craniosacral Therapy
We will explore basic both concepts and work with therapeutic skills needed in resolving birth trauma. This will include the stages of birth and related concepts.