About Peggy Reynolds

Peggy is a healing practitioner, craniosacral therapist, and lactation consultant, and works with adults, children, and infants in San Diego, CA. She provides private healing sessions at two locations in San Diego, as well as home visits for newborns and infants.

Peggy’s services include craniosacral therapy, trauma healing for adults and children, and pre- and perinatal psychology. Peggy is an internationally certified Lactation Consultant and offers breastfeeding support services for mothers and babies.

Peggy’s mission is to awaken and align the body’s original blueprint for health. This blueprint is naturally available within each of us. Read more about Peggy and her Approach »

Animals need treatment, too! Ask about scheduling a session for your pet.

What Our Patients Say


Peggy creates the space and the safety that allows your own healing force to awaken. Services include craniosacral therapy and trauma healing for adults, children, and infants, lactation consulting, pre- and perinatal psychology, and more. Peggy is also passing on this work to others through her Craniosacral Biodynamics in-person training program ».

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