“I have known Peggy Reynolds for so many years now. Peggy is a wonderful teacher and practitioner of a Biodynamic approach to craniosacral therapy, but most of all, she is a wonderfully insightful and warm human being. I can truly recommend her as a teacher and practitioner of this work.”Franklyn Sills, Biodynamic Craniosacral Instructor and Practitioner (leading figure in the development of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy)
“Peggy is a gifted healer. Her trauma resolution work profoundly resolves trapped patterns. After seeking out many other therapists, Peggy gave me the key to unlock and resolve old trauma. My relationships changed as a result of my work with Peggy.”Risa W, Broker Associate
“I came to Peggy after a long home birth. With her magical hands and saintly listening, she helped my son release trauma from 21 hours of labor. She also supported me through challenges in breastfeeding and postpartum depression. She is a master healer and she has been there for me and my family during our greatest time of need, and I would recommend her without reservation to anyone, for any reason. My son is now a healthy happy six year old and it comforts me to know that she is still there for us if we need her.”Kamala Devi, Author & Coach
“Babies love Peggy! Her gentle touch and knowledge of cranial sacral really helped my son. His health and behavior stabilized as a result of working with Peggy. Thank you Peggy!”Risa W, Broker Associate
“Your work and the cranial training saved my life by helping me to recognize how I had become so burnt out in my practice. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy helped to reconnect me to the inner knowing of listening to both myself and my clients. Thank you.”Michele, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

“As a teacher and mentor, Peggy is knowledgeable and skilled at transmitting the information so that it is very understandable. Her years of clinical experience enrich her teaching style as she is able to pull from practical experience. Peggy is intelligent, intuitive, and kind which is a perfect combination for amazing instruction.

I took Peggy’s birthing workshop and really enjoyed it. Her expertise in Pre- and Perinatal Psychology was very helpful as she helped our group navigate this profound experience. I am grateful for her loving guidance through the process.”Risa W, Broker Associate

“Peggy helps my son and me to heal, both physically and emotionally. She has an uncanny ability to decipher what is blocking you and to clear that energy. We’ve been going to Peggy for more than two years now and will continue to turn to her for healing.”Nicole, Mother
“I have been going to Peggy Reynolds for a little over a year and a half. When I first began going to Peggy, I feel I was in considerable emotional as well as physical pain. The emotional pain was such that if I turned my attention to it, I would become dizzy and come close to passing out from it.

Even though I do quite a bit of reading related to emotional health, and I also have been taking psychotherapy since the loss of my younger brother in 2006, it really wasn’t until the Craniosacral Somatic Experiencing therapy with Peggy that I was able to connect with my body and begin to heal the emotional pain.

When I had my first session with Peggy and I was on the table, I remember thinking how I could just be wasting my money on this. Because all that I could tell at that point was that I was lying quietly on the table and Peggy was quietly putting her hands on my shoulders. However, in the days after that first session, I could feel a slight, yet profound, change deep in the middle of my abdomen. It was a shift that connected my mind and my body in such a way that I felt a calmness inside me. I have felt more at home in my body ever since.

Peggy has helped me on a deep physical level and also on a conscious level. With Peggy’s help, I have begun to be able to understand how to approach the emotional pain from past traumas without becoming overwhelmed. In fact, with Peggy’s help, I have begun to heal and release some of the pain from past traumas.

I feel very grateful for Peggy. I really appreciate how she holds the space for me to be able to heal and release my traumas. I feel Peggy Reynolds is a person in service to others, and I, from my own experience, feel Peggy is doing a wonderful job!”JVW, Escondido, CA

“It is with great confidence that I recommend Peggy Reynolds as a birth trauma specialist. As a birth doula, more often than should be legal, I meet women who have suffered traumatic birth experiences. I have sent Peggy clients over the years to help them process their first birth so that she can go forward into a second birth without the emotional heaviness that was still lingering from the first traumatic birth. Peggy is a master at gentle interaction.

She helps the women see with open eyes and an open heart what may be going on for them and for their babies based on the traumatic experience they went through. Peggy’s skill with processing birth trauma is not only a cathartic service to the women and babies of San Diego county, it is often an essential component for a woman to travel through and transcend in order to have a healing birth with second and third pregnancies.

Like all trauma, birth trauma can linger for years and years if it has not been addressed. If I meet a woman of ANY AGE who is still unsettled about her birth, I am happy to refer them to Peggy.

Additionally, adult men and women should consider having a session with Peggy to process the story of their entrance into the world. How we get here matters. Negative events during pregnancy, labor, birth, or directly following birth can have a significant impact on who we are as people, how we relate to others, where our fears lie, and how we navigate our lives. Uncovering these mysteries with Peggy gives us all a chance for a clear path in the future.

Thank you, Peggy, for your intelligence, your heart, and your professionalism.”Linda Goldsmith, Birth Doula

Success Stories

Healing Trauma in Children

Stacey’s mother brought her in for treatment when she was six years old. She had been playing on the street where she lived with the children in the neighborhood when she saw two teenage boys with toy guns. In Stacey’s mind, these were real guns and she was in danger of being shot. She ran into the bushes for safety. Her mother saw this and went after her but by the time she reached her Stacey was frozen in fear. In the weeks to follow Stacey became clingy and insecure in public places. She lost her creative ability to draw and express stories. Within the first two visits, her ability to draw came back and by the fourth visit, she was secure in public again. She began to story tell and engage in her fantasy world as well. Stacey fully recovered from this trauma.

Working With Birth Trauma & Attachment

Penelope was four days old when I meet her. She had been born via an emergency cesarean section after three long days of labor. She was taken from her mother to the NICU on day three of life for weight loss and to have her frenulum clipped. She spent two days there and then was released to go home. When I meet her she was having trouble latching onto the breast and settling. Julie, Penelope’s mom, was very emotional, feeling a deep sense of disappointment about the birth, and was busy pumping milk and bottle-feeding, which was also bringing up feelings of missing her baby. I started working with Penelope in my arms doing craniosacral therapy to relieve the stress held in her body from the long labor and traumatic birth. I then turned my attention to Julie and helped her begin to process the birth and the separation from her infant. We worked with Penelope’s latch issues and over the next few sessions I used cranial work with both mom and baby, and they were able to let go of the stress and trauma of the birth and hospital trauma and begin to bond and attach beautifully.

Healing Medical Trauma

Karen came in for treatment after suffering a traumatic event, which included a reaction to a medication. She almost died from her reaction to this medication and began having panic attacks immediately following her reaction. Her panic attacks became debilitating and she lost her ability to be in the world. The doctors could only offer her drugs to mask the symptoms and this was not always working. I worked with Karen using a combination of Somatic Experiencing and Craniosacral Therapy. After the first session, she experienced some relief from her symptoms. After six sessions, she was back to normal.

Craniosacral for Back Injury

When Paul showed up in my office he could hardly stand up. He had been in terrible pain for 10 months. He had endured an injury that left him with disk issues in his spine that caused him pain in every position. He was unable to go to work for more than a few hours at a time and took pain medication just to function. I put Paul on the treatment table and used craniosacral therapy to help relieve his pain. Although Paul began having more good days right away, his full recovery took three months.

Healing Birth Trauma for Mom

Mary came to me when her infant was seven weeks old. She had given birth naturally after three days of labor in a private setting. Although the baby was healthy, Mary began hemorrhaging shortly after the birth. Her blood loss lead to her being transferred to the hospital by the paramedics and spending two days under observation there.

This traumatized Mary on many levels. She had felt like she might die, she had been separated from her baby right after birth, and she’d had to spend time in the hospital at the fragile time after giving birth, which she had carefully planned not to do. When she came in for her first session she was very anxious with memories of the trauma haunting her. She was also scared that she would have to relive the horrible memories. Her body was hot and cold and her hands were sweating. I began by helping her down-regulate her nervous system, which immediately helped her calm down. She was able to feel her body as it released some of the bound energy from the trauma. She relaxed into her body and its sensations with ease. The haunting memories did not return and she was able to enjoy her new baby and motherhood with ease and deep feelings of gratitude.