Peggy and Lilly

Healing happens when we have a sense of well being.

When trauma happens our body goes into survival mode, and there is a part of us that gets stuck in the moment. Our sense of well-being becomes less available to us as we endure these traumatic events in our life. To access our potential for healing we must feel safe and have some sense of being okay, even if this starts out as a small feeling.

During the healing process our body, mind, and spirit begin to reorganize and realign from the inside out. We begin to release old holding patterns in the tissues of the body, our emotions, and our minds.

During session work, I will help you access a sense of well-being and teach you to do this for yourself. Each session will take you deeper into this process. You may experience many sensations and feelings during the sessions. My approach is to help you do so from your own sense of well-being, so that you feel relaxed, empowered, and in charge. There is no need to relive or remember your past. The idea is to reclaim your life—to bring it into the present moment with gentleness and ease.


What to Expect During a Session

When you come in for your first session, we will have a spacious hour and a half together. We will begin by sitting together, answering any questions you may have, and setting your intention for the session. It is important that I know what you want to receive and where your attention is focused. That way, I can begin to connect with you and your body, as well as with your body’s healing priority and potential in the moment.

I will help you find a sense of well-being in your mind and body, and then, depending on what seems appropriate for you, we can either move to the table or continue to work sitting up. If we work lying down on the treatment table, we will find a position that is comfortable for you. You may want to request pillows, blankets, open or closed windows, or whatever else helps you feel safe and supported. You will remain fully clothed during the treatment but may want to take off your belt and shoes.

Once you are comfortable, I will place my hands gently on your body. I may start at your feet, or perhaps hold your shoulders or your sacrum and low back. You may notice sensations of relaxation such as deeper breathing, warmth, softening of your muscles and joints, and general openness.

I am listening for a connection between us that enables me to feel how your nervous system, tissues, and fluids express life force and the patterns of experience that obscure it. The work is very subtle, and most people have a positive response. You may feel as though you are drifting in and out of sleep, or just deeply relaxed.

As your body begins to release old holding patterns, you will have greater and greater access to your presence, your body, and your spirit. You may come in with complaints of pain or suffering, and these may shift and improve. But you may also have results that you didn’t know were possible, such as a greater sense of confidence, more energy, deeper sleep, fewer fears, and greater joy.

At the end of the session, I will give you the opportunity to discuss what was important for you, or you can stay in stillness and silence if you wish. The lasting effects of this work will stay with you over the days to come, so paying attention to changes can be helpful in your process.

I have two King Charles Cavalier dogs I bring to the office with me. Lilly is 6 years old and her puppy, Gigi who is 4 years old. I have found that adults and children alike find them to be calming and bring a sense of joy into the sessions. If for any reason you have an issue with their presence please let me know in advance so I can make arrangements.

Working With Children & Infants

My own journey and personal process has brought me to an open heart and a strong connection to my essence—my spirit. And the greatest help on this path so far has been the exploration of my conception, uterine experience, and birth, as well as the early months and years of taking on this physical body. For me, it has been an exploration of what it’s like to have my full and open heart reflected back to me. Being nurtured and heard in this way as I came to more understanding and embodiment, it became clear how I was to serve.

Sitting with children and their families is an honor and a blessing. They teach me. When I meet an infant, I am offering my open heart and gentle hands; I am connecting in love. And infants always want to lean in to this feeling. Just beneath the trauma they are holding, they are free. It’s just a matter of creating a safe and secure environment so that they can let down and acknowledge their suffering.

In the initial stages of contact, therefore, we are simply attending to the baby’s needs and making sure the whole family feels comfortable. During this time, I may make slow and gentle contact with mom, as well as help dad feel included. Then, once the infant is ready, I may come into physical contact.

While working with your infant, I may have you hold them or I may hold them. I am working with the movement patterns arising in the moment. The infant may be sleeping as well. The baby’s age will usually determine their tolerance for movement, for whether they want an open body or close contact, for whether they want to curl, arch, turn, cry, or orient.  When I am working with a toddler, I will be on the floor, following them around and touching them as they allow.

Much of what needs to happen with little ones happens while they move, and I am working with them even if I’m not touching them. When I am working with a child four years or older, I will do some work playing on the floor with them and some work on the treatment table.

We are born free spirits, challenged by what it’s like to contain spirit within a body. Consistent, unconditional reflection of spirit will help a child learn how to feel and share the spirit contained within their body. Developing a relationship to spirit alone is beautiful, but it has very little to do with this human experience. Only through being in relationship can we begin to embody this spirit. The more intimate the relationship, the more challenging this becomes.

Connecting back to my spirit and trusting this took me more than 30 years. It is an intimacy issue I am still exploring—both connecting to and trusting this feeling. If families are willing to come in and explore this territory early in the life of their children, the children will stay connected to their spirits and not ever have to lose that connection. It is my great honor to work with any family who shows up.

Gigi and Lilly