Supporting your baby from the cozy womb to the big world

When we are developing we are curled around the heart region in the fetal position, after we are born we begin slowly to expand from the heart area. This can be a graceful process if our caretakers create a safe and loving environment to relax into. If we have endured trauma, or if we perceive our parents or the environment we are born into as harsh in any way, we simply stay folded up in the fetal position. It is our nature to explore this process of reaching out and expanding with all of our senses. With some education and support parents and caregivers can begin to notice what we need and offer this so we can begin our journey from the womb to the out side world with grace and ease.

Peggy will facilitate you as you learn to help your baby to explore their movement patterns. Infants are telling us their story thru these movements and sounds all the time. If we open the space for truly listening, the story can move through and leave more space, both in the body and the communication between the infant and care givers. The body requires this process to fully embody and move forward in development.

This class will help your baby in all area such as: Bonding and attachment, Breastfeeding, Sleeping, digestion and to meet developmental goals. This class is for pregnant couples, newborns and their caregivers as well as babies up to the point, which they begin to crawl.

If you are interested in this class please contact Peggy at (760) 809-7081.